From concept to realization, we are a full-service corporate and residential art consulting and acquisition firm.


Whether working with architects or developers on a new construction project or homeowners on an interior redesign, our team of experts can accommodate all your needs from concept to completion. Our network includes artists, designers, galleries, framers and installation specialist; our team will collaborate to make your experience seamless and satisfying.


Be it historical or contemporary, we are passionate and knowledgeable about art culture, art markets and art trends. Whether your need is commissioned, original works, prints, sculptures, photography, tapestries or a combination of, we will work with you to create an environment that makes a statement you will be proud to exhibit.


We are a 100% woman and minority-owned firm, certified as a minority and local business entity by the Cities of Kansas City in Missouri and Kansas. Bring us your goals and aspirations and we will deliver a customized solution. When you need a consultation about an art program, development of a program to include procurement of works, or to see an art related project from concept to realization, Leroy Allen Fine Art may help you meet your MBE goals.

Credit is earned for the following:

  • Consultations concerning art programs
  • Survey of the site and review of plans
  • Consultation regarding culture, design, lighting, brand, project completion, etc.
  • Exploration of the type of program that is right for your project
  • Timeline development
  • Locating works to present
  • Presentation of works for consideration
  • Procuring works (Artwork may count toward construction cost)
  • Overseeing delivery and installation


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